Emat | Project Design

Elektrical Project Design


Our designs, which are designed with the highest efficiency in order to minimize electricity costs and ensure maximum system safety, offer comfortable and sustainable spaces to users as well as being successful in terms of engineering. With our respect for architecture, we always aim to be a creative part of aesthetic designs.




– Lighting Installation Projects
– Socket – UPS Installation Projects
– Fire Detection and Warning Installation Projects
– Telephone, Data, Network Projects
– Emergency Announcement System Projects
– TV-CCTV Installation Projects
– Cable Tray Installation Projects
– Grounding and Lightning Protection Installation Projects
– Generator Installation Projects
– Substations and Power Transmission Line Projects
– All High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Weak Current Projects
– Power Expansion Projects



Mechanical Project Design


We provide project, application and consultancy services according to the requests of our customers for the control and monitoring of mechanical systems in all projects we carry out.

What should be understood when it comes to mechanical automation in buildings is the monitoring and control of ventilation, heating and cooling systems with a computerized management system. In addition, integration with energy monitoring system and other automation systems can be provided if desired.




– Heating and Cooling Systems
– Ventilation (HVAC) Systems
– Air Conditioning Systems
– Fire Extinguishing Systems
– Plumbing Systems
– Compressed Air Systems
– Mechanical Automation Systems